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  1. @Hisserdude Yeah - eventually I do want to find a nice balance to house roaches with some other inverts, but I think it'll need to be bigger than the 5g. Now I just need to decide where I am gonna put them. I lost 2/3 of my Halloween hissers (one escaped, the other died suddenly), so I think I'm going to move my remaining female into a smaller enclosure and put these guys in her 19g bin. But she might be gravid and the smaller container I have has fairly big ventilation holes so I'm worried if she does pop out some babies they'll escape lol
  2. @Shinylarvitar97 @Hisserdude Thank you for responding! I'll definitely take you up on that offer, Shinylarvitar, if I think of any more questions! The breeder said that he keeps these guys in low ventilation with a lot of moisture - I was initially actually going to put these guys in with my millipedes / isopods, but decided not to (it felt like it would be too crowded with the roaches, and I was worried they'd go after baby/molting isopods/pedes).
  3. Hello again! I went to a reptile expo today and came home with *coughs* $75 worth of bugs, including some African Bullet Roaches! I of course was given the basics of their care by the vendor and I'm prepared to house them, but I always like to do as much research as I can for my animals and I'm struggling to find a whole lot of info about these guys. If anyone has a link to a good care sheet for them or just any information, I would greatly appreciate it! Or, if you have them and wouldn't mind answering some questions, I would appreciate someone to chat with. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! They do seem to enjoy their substrate, so I'll probably let them keep it, at least for now. If I end up breeding them into multiple bins then the little ones will probably be kept out of the substrate for convenience, but for now I'll let 'em dig!
  5. Thank you for the response! I'll go ahead with my ventilation as planned, then.
  6. Sorry for the double threads, if I don't make this now I'll forget to do it. >-> Are there any real downsides to keeping dubia roaches on substrate? Every 'breeding dubias' or 'dubia care' video I see keeps them off substrate, or only on paper towel. But I put my new dubias into coco fiber, and they seem to really enjoy it, burrowing into it etc. I know it might be slightly less cost effective to giving them substrate when I don't necessarily "need" to, but are there any actual downsides or concerns with giving them some substrate to burrow in and to hold moisture?
  7. Are you washing your fruits / vegetables well? It's possible that there are pesticides on them, especially if they're not organic, that could harm your roaches... although I'm not confident that's the cause of the die off, since pesticides would likely also be affecting the adults. Though it's still a possibility, since the adults are generally a bit less fragile.
  8. @Shinylarvitar97 Thank you for the pics! They've gotten a bit bigger since then so I might try sexing them again. Didn't find the missing one unfortunately. 😞Though I wouldn't be too surprised if I find him if... I mean when I actually clean my closet. :'P
  9. So, coming into the bug hobby from keeping mice, I was in the mindset of always needing ventilation. Mice need as much ventilation as possible, to avoid respiratory issues due to their sensitive lungs and ammonia buildup from their waste. Coming into the invert hobby, and especially with roaches, I'm now seeing a lot of setups that have very little ventilation, or have no ventilation at all. I was wondering how important it really is to ventilate a big bin? Or maybe a better way to phrase that is, what's the criteria for when you should or shouldn't add ventilation? What's the criteria for when you MUST have ventilation? Are there instances where it's better to actually not have ventilation? Ugh I'm usually better at phrasing my questions than this, but my brain isn't cooperating. πŸ˜• I'm probably going to end up at least including some ventilation for the Halloweens, as well as for my newest roaches - just got Dubias yesterday! But I'm still curious.
  10. I'm trying to sex my G. portentosa nymphs by looking at their abdomenal segments, but I'm struggling. Either all seven of these nymphs are males, or I'm doing something wrong. I see in a lot of close-up pictures of hissing cockroach abdomens, there's a little "tail" after all of the segments, and I'm wondering if I'm confusing that "tail" for a final small segment on some of them, but I can't find any examples specifically of nymphs that outline that. I was hoping someone might be able to post pictures of their own nymphs to show me what to look for on nymphs specifically, so that I can compare that to mine? I tried just getting pictures of mine to upload here, but unfortunately my phone camera really doesn't work well so none of them were clear enough. On top of all of this, I also lost a nymph in this whole process, so now I'm down from my 8 nymph brood to 7, which I'm bummed about. I'm hoping by some miracle I'll be able to find the little guy tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. Anyway, thanks in advance for some nymph pics!
  11. Alright, thanks guys. I'll keep 'em separated to be safe. Guess it's time for another bin if I wanna breed the Halloweens, then.
  12. @Hisserdude Thanks for the response! If I did keep them together, would there be a way to tell that they'd hybridized so I could cull the line / separate, or would it be too hard to tell? Really was hoping they'd not be able to so I could breed them both in the same bin and avoid having two roach colonies in my closet, but I also don't want to muddy the Halloween lines if I ever actually end up selling bugs.
  13. None of my G. portentosa actually hiss often, although I think the shop I got them from has some poor stock for whatever reason. However, when Bessie was pregnant/gravid, she'd hiss if you just looked at her wrong - so that might be something to include. Otherwise, Angus, who I've only heard hiss maybe three times since I got him, hissed up a STORM when I accidentally flipped him onto his back. πŸ˜‚ He hissed for a good 20 seconds straight, then stopped the second I was able to flip him back over.
  14. I brought home some Halloween hissers from a reptile show on Sunday, and wanted to make sure that their care is the same as G. portentosa? I tried searching for a care sheet specifically geared towards Halloween hissers, but every one I could find was a generic sheet for hissers in general, or geared towards G. portentosa. Right now I'm keeping their care the same as my "normal" hissers, but I wanted to double check that there isn't anything I should be changing for their care when compared to the others. Also, can G. portentosa and E. javanica hybridize? Or would I be able to house them together without issue?
  15. @Homelander @Hisserdude Thank you so much for the tips! πŸ˜„ I ended up making my own roach chow based off of a few DIY recipes I found online, which so far is mouse/rat pellets, oats, and wheat crackers (generic Triscuits I think?), though I planned to add algae wafers (when I had a fish tank, I fed them to my snails), and dried fruits of some sort when I can get a hold of them. And I was also thinking of trying to make this gel food too. It's fun cooking for roaches - I don't have to worry about them not liking it lol
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