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  1. Hi there everyone, i live in indiana and i've been caring for/breeding hissers/dubias for a coupe moths now, i love the roach hobby! if anyone ever wants to trade roaches just let me know(not sure if that's allowed, please correct me if it's not) nice to meet you all and keep on roaching!
  2. Hi there everyone, first post on the forum, i've been caring for/breeding hissers for a couple months now, i've gotten one litter of nymphs(about 50) from one of my females already and the other 2 females look gravid but haven't given birth yet.(I have one male and 3 females) My question is, what are your breeding setups like personally for your hissers and how often and how many nymphs do you get from your females? I appreciate all responses, thanks everybody.
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