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  1. Yeah, you did have that qualifier in there about "commonly traded stock" but they're still really nice. The adult M&F Princisia have the best overall disposition than the G. portentosa and Tigers I received. More active, inquisitive, better appetite, etc. I do think that photo from Poland (?) above looks a little enhanced. Those borders are very intense in color 🤔. Could you post a photo of the pure G. oblongonota I wanna see how they look next to the ones available at theinvertshop.com
  2. Thanks for both of your input. I obtained the Hisser species from Orin M. and were sold to me as pure strains.
  3. I've recently obtained pure strains of these MHC species (G. portentosa, G. grandidieri white tiger, P. vanwaerebeki) and plan to obtain (G. oblongonota, E. javanica). My question is: Which of these species can safely be housed together without there being any possibility of hybridization OR harm to adults or nymphs? I already read that the Princisia Giants will hybridize but what about the others?
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