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  1. I usually run them under water for around 20 seconds. I'll start scrubbing them and see what happens.
  2. Hello guys! I recently wanted to start a dubia roach colony to use as feeders so I bought 100 adults and 500 nymphs both from different vendors. Flash forward a week and I started noticing that nymphs were dying constantly every day. In the past 4 days, I've found around 15-30 dead every day. I can clearly see some roaches very weak as well and can barely move. It's strange because all my adults are doing fine and breeding. However, the newest nymphs are also meeting the same demise. They are fed daily with non-medicated chick feed from Purina and water crystals with a weekly serving of vegetable/fruit. The temperature is around 86-88 F and humidity is around 50%. I've seen what looks like phorid flies darting around in the enclosure so I've done a complete clean out every week. I don't believe that the flies would be the direct cause of the death of the nymphs right? If anyone can chime in, it would be greatly appreciated!
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