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  1. Darn! It is what it is. I got them at a very affordable price, and put them in the composter with the everyone else 😂 If I ever get to the point of selling them, I’ll be sure and let people know they’re hybrids. I almost sent you a PM about them... but then you made this topic 🙌 Might be a little too much anthropomorphism, but I figured the two adults were lonesome from months in solitude and would be happier with more of their kind. Plus hissers are fun to handle 💕
  2. Thanks so much @Hisserdude, this is amazing 😍 I got the two gals I “adopted” some friends, and I’m guessing they’re not pure. A couple of them were very very dark.
  3. Update. I think the seller may have put some dubia adults in with the E. Serranus nymphs. found an adult today and the two are unmistakeable. still waiting on info regarding hybridization. I found are two, rather old, posts suggesting that they don’t/ can’t. This forum doesn’t make uploading pictures easy... or I’d post the screenshots. The individual I bought the Ivory’s from said he had not heard of hybridization, and the people who got back to me on Arachnoboards didn’t seem to think they did either, or it was unlikely.
  4. Hello community! I will have a ton of questions regarding these critters, so I figured I’d introduce myself. I live in Southern California USA, and was that weird kid that spent hours outside lifting up rocks looking for critters. I’m a biology nerd, but fancy most other sciences as well. TLDR questions are the end. I had a composting bin with red wiggler worms, but after I read about how much faster roaches get the same amount of work done, I went a little crazy and added 3 species of cockroaches. • Eublaberus serranus: 65 total, mixed nymphs and some winged adults
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