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  1. Hi all, been thinking about moving my cultures of G. caffrorum and G. centurio to a large planted vivarium, but I'd like to keep the two cultures pure. Does anyone know if there's any information on the possibility of hybridization between the two? I've been unable to find much of anything. Thanks!
  2. Wow, I knew things were a bit shaky but I wasnt aware of the depth of the apparent issues, best of luck to him whatever it is thats going on and thanks for enlightening me more on the situation all.
  3. Hi all, not sure if this has been posted yet, apologies if it has. Curious if anyone has on knowledge on whats going on with Roachcrossing at the moment. I know he's been inactive for quite some time, I emailed him about ordering some species roughly 6 months ago but never heard back, now I notice the roachcrossing website appears to be down entirely! Anyone have any idea if it will ever be back up/what the situation is?
  4. Old thread I know and hopefully all your issues are solved by now! Just thought I'd comment that I've read magnifica need relatively high levels of ventilation/air exchange. Could it have anything to do with that?
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