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  1. Thanks for the info and help,I’ll keep an eye on them and if nothing changes I’ll look into getting some beneficial mites for them
  2. Hey, sorry during a state of panic I got a q-tip and some water and cleaned it off them, (I was really gentle and made sure not to harm them or cause too much distress ) I didn’t take any close up photos, sorry ! if it comes back I’ll go back to the pet shop I got them from and see if they have any others with mites or anything. would springtails help?
  3. Aw crap, I hope it’s not fungal! when I bought these two they didn’t have mites or anything, sounds like a dumb question but is there anyway I can introduce mites or is there anyway I can remove/cure this stuff ??
  4. First time Roach keeper here, I have 2 Javan roaches, I’ve had them for a few months now and I’ve noticed some grey dust/powder on them? One has it a lot more than the other, they’re eating fine and there’s no sign of mites or Illness (aside from grey dust ) I have a small bowl of ‘Bug grub’ and I’ve seen them sit in that a few times and I thought it could be that but now I’m unsure. ANY help would be very much appreciated, I don’t wanna lose these guys !
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