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  1. The color and size I think is what differs. Mine is more grayish than bluish and smaller than an average PB.
  2. That’s probably the other ‘Powder Blue’ and why it is different shaped and colored! Thanks again @All About Arthropods!
  3. Nice! I was hoping thats what it is! As soon as I have a colony going I have something to sell lol. I’m just gonna call it Powder Blue m. Orange tail. I wonder if anyone else has these... Thanks @All About Arthropods!
  4. So, I’m in SoCal and recently found some P. pruinosus ‘powder blues’ with orange uropods. Is it a different species or a different morph? So far I have managed to get close to 40 babies out of the adults and the babies also have the orange tails! I then found a normal powder blue that was gravid and now she is producing for me. They are a different size, shape, and are eating machines!
  5. If you did I would recommend a psychiatrist to you 😂
  6. Flea meds are often responsible. Did you touch them or their food after touching your cats or the meds?
  7. I don’t recommend selling them, it may muddle the species.
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