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  1. Recently I’ve been dealing with phorid flies on my G. portentosa colony. I hate them so much but since they weren’t actually harming my roaches, I didn’t panic THAT much. Yesterday I found a lot of maggots feeding on a deceased roach and when I started cleaning, I noticed a young female with, what seems to be a hole on her abdomen. I start looking for answers and found out that phorid fly larvae can actually parasite roaches. I am keeping her apart from the rest to watch over her. I’m scared since I don’t know if she’s the only one infected. Any ideas on what should I do? They’re not kept as feeders, but as my precious pets. 💔
  2. I made this out of boredom. Hope you like them.
  3. One of my dubias fell into the water bowl and was having a hard time getting out of it. Another one approached close enough so the one on the water could grab his back and got out. Then they both left. Maybe he was just being curious, but I found it really cute, lmao. Oh, and hissers hiding the food, just like dogs. So cute!
  4. Is there a chat group or Discord server about roaches around? I’d love to join!
  5. Oh my... this is my first time keeping Therea and today I checked their enclosure and found all of this! And I’m still finding more!!! Amazing little creatures.
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