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  1. Thank you all ! I'll go with Blaberus giganteus. I was already interested in keeping them so being able to feed them to my tarantulas is another reason to get a colony! Dubias are awesome but the only problem I have is that they burrow in my fossorial enclosures and sometimes play dead 😕 Other than that they are just perfect feeders By the way, thank you @RenOfTheRoaches for being so cautions when recommending superworms to feed tarantulas. I know they, or even smaller mealworms, can kill a molting or freshly molted T. I always crush their head so they don't bite nor burrow. Thanks again everyone
  2. I'm glad you think they can fit ! I was worried about the gestation time. Now I hesitate between B. craniifer and B. giganteus thanks !
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for a species that get a bit large (4-5 cm) to feed to my tarantulas. Therefore, a species that doesn't take ages to reproduce (although I can totally wait some time for them to set up in the new environment). Also I'd like them to breed at room temp because my mother always stresses out about the electricity bill. I would love them not to burrow so they don't get lost in my T enclosures. Finally, if the species can't climb and doesn't require much humidity it's a bonus for me (but not needed at all) I thought about Periplaneta americana maybe ? Im waiting for more suggestions Currently I am keeping dubias, Pycnoscelus surinamensis and Gromphradorhina portentosa species just to give you an idea of my experience Thank you very much for your time
  4. I might be a bit late I suggest you the belgian breeder named "Cafarnarium". You can contact him thanks to his facebook page. He has tons of species and is a cool guy. I don't know if he ships in UK though
  5. Thank you very much! I added egg crates and since then I saw zero malformation in freshly molted roaches. I'll find a way to give away the overpopulation so I can keep a decent temperature. Thank you again, you helped me a lot
  6. Thank you very much for the answer. That's nice, I'll add some genetic variation in a few month and more egg crates asap. I'm waiting for the breeder to get some Psytalla horrida in june to everything at once. My problem is having too much breeding, I'd like to slow it down a bit. I don't take roaches out fast enough to get a steady colony. Would turning off the heater work ? I'm trying to give some to my friends for their reptile but my colony is just too fast right now lol
  7. Hello everyone, Recenlty I've been having more and more malformation in my dubia colony. I asked a huge local breeder and he told me that malformation was not proven to be affected by inbreeding. Then he told me that overpopulation might cause molting issues. The other parameters are fine, I've had that colony for about a year and I've never had any problem before. They are indeed a bit overpopulated right now Can I trust that breeder ? Is inbreeding really not related to inbreeding ? Also, would they still breed at room temperature ? I still need them to reproduce but slower. My room temperature is about 73-74 F. Will they breed if I turn off the heater ?
  8. I don't think so. My colony just settled in. This is my first colony by the way. I have tons of tiny babies but not that much adults... and I ordered 500 of them since I did not know if they would survive and also since they're kind of endearing. The heat and fermentation problem seems solved. This morning it does not smell anymore and the substrate is at a normal temperature. I decreased ventilation and increased humidity. Thanks again for the piece of advice. Have a good one
  9. Indeed, I made a mistake with the food. I gave them rice and they pulled it everywhere in the substrate. It was rotting. I realized that when I looked into the substrate and found it was very hot. Fermentation produces heat! Currently a bit of decaying food is left but the substrate is much colder than a few days ago. I guess there is less fermentation activity which is a good thing. I have a few dead roaches but the colony should be fine. I removed the closed lid to put some mesh lid on top to increase ventilation. Thanks for the reply Hisserdude !
  10. Hello everyone, 2 days ago I gave my cockroaches some meal. This morning I opened the bin and noticed my roaches were on their back and not moving. I also noticed an alcohol odor which probably comes from fermentation. They are Pycnoscelus surinamensis. They don't have much ventilation to keep the substrate moist and also to prevent escapes since they climb everything. I removed some roaches and noticed they would wake up and run pretty fast. I isolated a few of them and opened the lid to allow ethanol to evaporate. I couldn't isolate more since I have an exam this morning Do you guys think they'll die soon or is there a chance for them to survive?
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