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  1. So the iguana Gaia, I have posted about in the past it my boyfriends and I just wanted to get more information on them, I do not live with my boyfriend but I decided to get my own iguana, I got her on underground reptiles she was listed as a green iguana baby, not exactly sure if the age. The iguana was shipped to my house two days ago and she has not eaten since, it’s kinda worrying me because when we got Gaia she ate right away. Is it just because she’s not comfortable yet?

  2. So as it gets colder out my Crickets seem to die faster, so whatever looks fresh enough I throw to my Bearded-Dragon while I'm feeding. But what sparked my curiosity is that he just eats them up. So my question is, if he's eating them dead anyway, should I buy the freeze-dried mixed insects? Would that give him more nutrition because there's more variety or are they less healthy because their dead? Thanks everyone!

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