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  1. Ive never heard of this spiecies too, so when i saw these on some pricelist i bought them instantly.

    Its still a nymph , now its about 2,5-3cm but i know that they are growing to a size about 4,5cm-5cm... but i could be mistaken ( ive only seen adults on one photo).

    Caring for them is similar to some other Epilamprinae, humidity should be high, temperature around 23celsius, good ventilation, they eat oak/beech leaves as well as fruits...( i need to try dog food )

    Their behaviour is very interesting, they can jump ( but only sometimes, for me they've jumped like 3 times) , play dead, and while being anywhere they try to adjust their body shape to the object ( they have very thin front part and they bend to the level of the surface).

    Those are only my observations,  i got  them about a week ago....but i love them already.


    This is one a little bit older.


  2. 1 hour ago, Hisserdude said:

    Hemiblabera tenebricosa are incredibly easy to breed, they'll reproduce at room temperature (68-70F° for most people I think), though they will of course breed faster at warmer temps. Keep them a tub with a deep, humid substrate, feed them normal roach foods, and that's about it. 

    Opisthoplatia orientalis are also supposedly rather easy, just keep them consistently humid, offer fruits regularly, and try not to let the enclosure get too filthy or overcrowded. Keep them warm, 75F° or warmer, for optimal breeding.

    Decoralampra are a bit finicky, they also like a consistently humid and warm enclosure, with lots of fruits in their diet, however they are quite sensitive to mold outbreaks, pests, filth buildups and overcrowding, and can crash somewhat easily. 

    Lastly, for Panesthia, I hear all you need is a bin big full of rotten wood/flake soil, and maybe crushed rotten leaf litter. Throw them in the bin, keep the substrate humid, maybe don't give them much ventilation, and you should be good, they really don't need much maintenance. 

    Thank u very much! But i have last question, i didnt write it in the original post, How about pseudoglomeris tarsalis? Is it the same as Pseudoglomeris magnifica?

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  3. I have a big 75x35x30 glass tank but i dont know what roach to pick for it, there is already a layer of mixed : coconut fiber, clay, sand, spagnum moss; of course i will add many more things like bark, leaves and leaf litter and branches. Ive been thinking about Hormetica sp. or Therea bernhardti, but i still dont know what to pick.


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