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  1. Thanks so much for the replies and link to the breeding post!
  2. Hi, I am new here. For about a month so far I have been keeping red runners as feeders for my tarantulas. Despite them being feeders, I am still interested in the roaches welfare and the way to keep them happiest while they are alive. I have quite a few questions based on seeing all sorts of different methods on youtube etc and getting confused. 1. I read somewhere that you shouldn't feed them potatoes, but it didn't say why. Is this true and if so why? 2. Bedding-wise, I have so far been keeping them on coco-fibre, but I figured this is harder to keep clean and also harder to spot if any nymphs have emerged. Is there any downside to their quality of life if I just keep them on egg boxes/toilet roll tubes in the plastic box? 3. What humidity level is best for them? I have seen people saying to keep them dry but then others saying they need to be moist especially for the oothecas hatching? 4. Do you need to take the oothecas out and put them separately in a damp container for them to hatch, or can I just leave them in with the cockroaches? 5. I often see, once they have gone wild breeding, 1000s of cockroaches kept in very crowded containers. Is over-crowding an issue for them? I mean, do they like it crowded or would they rather have some space? lol. Thanks if anyone can answer!
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