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  1. Thank you!! I definitely will ! The world needs more Perisphaerinae!
  2. Just to inform that Invertebrate Dude has helped tremendously to get an ID on these roaches. Thank you! Based on the location, male to female size similarities, female ventral abdomen with short yellow hairs, also matching the description from the Perisphaerinae Revision Paper, he pointed out that he thought it is Perisphaerus punctatus. Now onto to get these established in the hobby. My colony is doing very well, and now I need to think about scaling up the enclosure. I like this setup a lot, its very practical and functions very well but it
  3. Here are my latest photos of this wonderful species. They were still terribly bold and courageous, but they did allow me more time to take better photos this time.
  4. Welcome to best hobby every! 🥰 Happy New Year!
  5. You can only add 300kb of total file sizes... You have to downgrade the photos quality.
  6. I keep G.centurio and E.yasumatsui. H vittata I haven't been able to get any yet.
  7. Gyna centurio (pinks), eucorydia yasumatsui (blues and greens) and Hemithyrsocera vittata (yellows and reds) for me
  8. Quick update: TBH I haven't been seeing much activity from these roaches. I see then congregating but not feeding so I have been quite preoccupied, but today when I opened their enclosure here is what I found (almost had a heart attack at first sight!) Photo 1 Photo 2 Almost all of them molted ! yeay!
  9. The colony seems to be doing great ! Uncovering part of the Colony They are clearly more active at night but anytime of the the day, they congregate in two particular areas, not sure because of pheromones or what, but there is a type of leaf they like to stick to. As you can see, some are really plump 🥰 ready for winter 🍇
  10. Orange Spotted Roach, Therea regularis adult Male has arrived! 🥳 Photos Very anticipated and happened before I ever imagined! I finally have an adult male and female ready to breed ! 😍 Wish me luck guys! They are the cutest thing ever! So small, just adorable roaches 🪳🥰
  11. So prickly ! great coloration as well! I won't buy any more Hissers until I fully grasp their husbandry... my Halloween hisser colony has been crashing... not sure what I am doing wrong. need to read more Keep us posted on their developments! and Good luck!
  12. Do you ever go looking under your fridge? ? Treasure hunt !
  13. Translating from Google I used to collect cockroaches from certain groups, but now I decided to get rid of accompanying species that are not of interest for the specifics of collection. First of all, I got rid of Blaberinae and Blattidae. Then from other groups. Now my collection has become very thin 😜, only (as expected) Oxyhaloinae, Corydiinae and Panesthiinae remain. What specific groups of cockroaches do you collect? Reply: I like to the mimic type of cockroaches, but at this moment, I will collect whatever I can get my hands on
  14. My Question Marks are not adults yet so I can't say yet... but between Domino and Orange Spot, mainly because of their size, i am loving the T.regularis 🥰 more
  15. Because of the cold weather front that has hit Macau recently, the temperature drop has made all my roach bins halt their external activity. The room is now at 20C during daytime and dropping at night to 15C. Most of the roaches are now underground or hiding. The Yamato Nymphs are congregating in two separate groups under some leaves. You can take a quick peek as I expose them to the light, on the link down below. Video Lovely yellow coloration don't you think?
  16. Hello Everybody, seems I forgot to write about these... I finally got hold of a small batch of nymphs of Therea regularis, 16 of them! And it seems I was lucky enough to get one molting into an adult female during transportation. Hope you are as delighted as I am by their looks Photo of Adult female and Nymph Adult Female GIF Their development will be halted for the next few months, as the temperatures have dropped recently. But I will keep you posted on any developments! Cheers!
  17. Sorry my question, but what is CB? There are some Cryptocercus for sale on Taobao (the Chinese Ebay) https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.3-c.w4002-10578252807.44.451f3f9fuUWLcN&id=604827293093 But I don't know if it is what you are referring to. Welcome! I am also new here and have been enjoying it a lot! Its Real Roach Love!
  18. I have Orin's book, but I haven't even opened it yet. Still reading others before that.But I will look into your question and try to get the info for you. Regards
  19. I got these from Chinese keepers. Since distribution of D.puntacta includes China, it may be possible that these are well the real ones? I will try to research more on this. Thanks for letting me know! Cheers
  20. Hi Peter! Thank you! I am giving my baby steps into the amazing roach world, thanks to people like you, Orin and Hisserdude (and so many others) who have been sharing their enthusiasm, admiration and valuable time writing, recording their experiences for the future hobby enthusiasts. This species was on under my radar for quite some time, but my wife is always a ruthless jealous dictator and so I had to wait, pick the right moment to order them, and try to sneak them inside Finally got them! Just got nymphs for now... there isn't much information on type of setup to use. I d
  21. Last new colony of the year 2020 has arrived - Diploptera puntacta Nymph Photos Quite excited for this species. I really love when roaches mimic other insects! First things I have noticed: 1 - the musky smell inside the box. Not sure if the smell is from the release of any defensive chemicals from the shaking of the box during transportation or if this is their "natural" smell. 2 - their speed and climbing of walls... bloody hell... i wasn't expecting that for small nymphs. They are quite bold. Normally other nymphs will quickly run under the leaves or substrate to hi
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