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  1. One of my roaches is producing her ootheca. It's not all the way out right now. A few days ago I introduced a new colony of isopods to the roaches' tank. I've read that the isopods can threaten the ootheca...should I move the mama roach to another container? How long should I keep the young roaches away from their colony? I have a couple pics here, one shows the container I'm moving her over to...the only issue is all the slits it has on the lid. I worry the babies will get out if I keep them in there, and that they are less likely to in t he bigger one since I have some methods of securing it. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey Kaiko! The roach in your profile pic is beautiful. I'm also new here...except I know significantly less than everyone else! A friend of mine gave me a few hisser roaches she got from about a year and a half ago, and now I have a little growing colony clunkily working toward building a bio-active habitat for them. Love to meet new people and keep learning!
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