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  1. As personal pets I want some P magnifica but obviously, I won't be feeding those to anything, so I still need to think about what I can keep that would be a sustainable food source for a young crested gecko, a jumping spider, and three tarantulas (who are all currently tiny slings). My little sanctuary here is a room in my parents' house. So it has to be something I can keep in a decently small space, has to be not too terribly smelly if I can help it, and most important, has to be something I can control the population of... I can't let them establish a loose/wild population in the hous
  2. Too fun! I'm new here, hallo! It's so nice that the hobby is a family activity for you.
  3. Hi everybody! Thank you for letting me in the forum. I've loved and kept creatures my whole life long and am currently working on a book about DIY enclosures and habitats. I've always loved "buggos" (a term I use deliberately to separate it from the true bugs taxonomical grouping, because I mean the more colloquial, "any small invertebrate" use of the word-- plus I mean, it's kind of cute right?) but until recently have never thought to keep them beyond a few hours to a few days of observation before setting them free again. It was a perfect storm. AntsCanada on YouTube, mantises a
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