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  1. And here is the very cool tape I found to make the bin with!
  2. This baby was exploring around and is a rather prettily marked little friend.
  3. A friend sent me a small starter colony of dubias! They're really fun to watch, I think I'll let them breed for a while before I start feeding them off... had fun making them a bin with some very psychedelic duct tape to hold the two layers of mesh in place on the lid. They are very shy and did not want to be picked up so I had to kind of shake/shoo them all into their new home but now they seem very happy in there, exploring around, digging, and they seemed to enjoy their welcome gift of grapes.
  4. As personal pets I want some P magnifica but obviously, I won't be feeding those to anything, so I still need to think about what I can keep that would be a sustainable food source for a young crested gecko, a jumping spider, and three tarantulas (who are all currently tiny slings). My little sanctuary here is a room in my parents' house. So it has to be something I can keep in a decently small space, has to be not too terribly smelly if I can help it, and most important, has to be something I can control the population of... I can't let them establish a loose/wild population in the hous
  5. Too fun! I'm new here, hallo! It's so nice that the hobby is a family activity for you.
  6. Hi everybody! Thank you for letting me in the forum. I've loved and kept creatures my whole life long and am currently working on a book about DIY enclosures and habitats. I've always loved "buggos" (a term I use deliberately to separate it from the true bugs taxonomical grouping, because I mean the more colloquial, "any small invertebrate" use of the word-- plus I mean, it's kind of cute right?) but until recently have never thought to keep them beyond a few hours to a few days of observation before setting them free again. It was a perfect storm. AntsCanada on YouTube, mantises a
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