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  1. I am redoing how I feed my Blaptica Dubia. I was giving them Mazuri Timothy Based Guinea Pig Diet but now I'm switching them to a choice based diet where I provide them a low, a medium, and a high protein dry feed separately to allow individual roaches to choose the nutrients they need. What do you guys think?
  2. Hello, I have a small dubia roach colony for one tarantula and one leopard gecko. I have all of the feeders who aren't being fed to the gecko yet a maintenance diet and I separate the ones I'm about to feed into a gutloading bin and feed them Repashy Superload served with nothing else but a wet paper towel for 48 hours. For the maintenance I focus on increasing vitamin A,D, and E through Mazuri Timothy Based Guinea pig diet grounded up in a coffee grinder or a good blender. I add a dry 400 IU vitamin E tablet and a little bit of bee pollen for palatability. The roaches love the diet but the other main focus of the maintenance diet is to build a strong and healthy insect body before they're gutloaded and fed off to the reptile. Right now I only serve the maintenance diet with a wet paper towel for water just like with the gutloading but I'm wondering if fresh fruits and vegetables are needed to truly make strong and healthy roaches. Here's the full nutrient analysis of the diet if it helps. ( I'm only asking this for the maintenance diet. I don't want to serve fruits and vegetables while gutloading because they're proven to mess with how well the gutloading diet can increase calcium to optimal levels) https://pims.purinamills.com/BusinessLink/media/Mazuri/ProductSheet/5E6A.pdf?ext=.pdf
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