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  1. hi! the nymphs are pretty wild and they can jump off your hand sometimes, so when handling them make sure you're gentle and doing it above their enclosure so if they jump off, you won't have to manically grab them off the floor. the adults are super chill and they never fall off your hands. just make sure you're prepared if they hiss cuz it can be kinda startling! good luck
  2. @Martinfor madagascar hissing roaches, keeping them in the range of 72 - 80 degrees fahrenheit inside the tank is best. make sure u don't get it so hot that they get burned. also having the heat mat (or whatever u wanna use) on one far side of the tank is good so that there's a temperature gradient and they can choose where they wanna be in that range. also, in response to the original topic, sometimes they just don't hiss! my 2 adults are female, one of them hisses hysterically and the other one has never done it once. they have their own little personalities! along with keeping them warm, making sure they have a dark place to hide is essential so that they don't get stressed. mist the enclosure with warm water daily if not twice daily, they need humidity. try feeding them romaine lettuce or blueberries. my roaches go absolutely bonkers for those foods. and if you're planning on having them mate, make sure you get an enclosure big enough for all the babies when they get bigger! hope this helps good luck xoxo
  3. alright so i've been keeping 2 female hissers as pets for about 2 months now. i probably should have accounted for the possibility they'd send a pregnant one but woops i didn't. i just bought a bigger terrarium since the one i have now definitely can't hold like 30 roaches. my family doesn't want me to keep them long term, so im wondering what i should do with them? would anyone on here be interested in buying them? any nymph caretaking advice would be appreciated too! they're so cute and i want to make sure they're all ok. i've never had to take care of cockroach nymphs before so it's all very new to me and i'm a little bit terrified. thanks!
  4. thank you for the info! if i try this i'll make sure to be as meditative as possible and keep backup plans if they don't end up getting along. also sorry to hear about your deaths head roach im glad she got to live so long though!!!!!
  5. hi everyone, i apologise if this has been asked before. i was wondering - if kept as purely pets with enough space - if a group of only female, mixed species roaches would get along with each other? (obviously all species of similar care requirements) would they become stressed about not being able to breed with each other? would they find the other species untrustworthy? i've noticed roaches to be pretty passive and friendly with each other but i just wanted to make sure. thank you! 🙂💗
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