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  1. Madagascar hissers, sorry for being unspecific!
  2. While opening my cockroaches’ terrarium(sliding lid, it’s the CREATURES low profile) I accidentally crushed a nymph! Oh no! Again, I really hate Vaseline and want to avoid using it, can anyone recommend a way to stop this happening in the future? I love all these little dudes and I’m a little afraid to open the tank anymore.
  3. I’m also very interested in this topic!
  4. I bought two roaches from my local petco, thinking they were both males and that I would have some trouble getting a decent colony built this way, then the male escaped and I thought I was finished. but today while checking on my (apparent) lady She hissed at me and a bunch of babies crawled out from under her! I had to go and get an enclosure that they can’t escape (I dislike the Vaseline method) but I’m just jumping for joy at the miracle of a lone hisser giving birth! 18 babies! I’m so proud!
  5. I got a mating pair from PetSmart, along with a little critter keeper setup, and the male won’t??? Hiss?? And they’re super timid, they are like they were starving when I got them but now they aren’t eating at all, and my lady is missing bits of antenna. Any advice?
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