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  1. Hi Rosenkrieger thank you very much for letting me know phew that’s really good to know that all is good with her thank you for putting my mind a rest I’ll make a note of what you have told me for future reference please stay safe and well warmest regards from Karen
  2. Hi everybody hope you are all keeping safe and well, my problem is I really need some advice with regards to my Madagascar hisser female I really don’t know what she’s up to and she’s worrying the life out of me well she’s pushing what I’d call quite a long whiteish tube from the end of her abdomen I’m not sure if this is an egg sac and after a while she pulls it back inside her and this isn’t the first time she’s done this is there something I’m doing wrong or is there something I should be doing. please help warmest regards from. Karen
  3. Hi Allpet Roaches thank you so much for your message ok will do I’ll put the thermometer probe on top of the substrate where the heat mat is which is about half way across the tank at the mo it’s between 86f and 88f is this ok for a ground temperature? Your reply is very much appreciated warmest regards from karen
  4. Hi everyone hope you are all good can anyone please let me know how far down the tank the thermostat probe should be as I use an heat mat and a mat stat and I’m not sure I’m putting the probe in the correct place also I have a digital thermometer with a probe and I could really use some help please with where the correct place should be for the thermometer probe I look forward to hearing from you soon regards Karen
  5. Hi i just loved the bit about when you knocked your temporary holding tub over I did laugh 😆 you made my day especially when your wife wasn’t very impressed I could just imagine what she was like I think you’re a star ⭐️ and I bet you did learn your lesson 100% I’m just really after some info on the baby Madagascar hissers I mean what colour are they so that I can keep a look out for them cuz I definitely know I’ve got mature males and females and do you have to provide calcium like cuttlefish for their exoskeleton I could really do with some info thank you from Karen
  6. Hi My Madagascar hissers love fruity roach chow from a company called bugznbits and there website is bugznbits.co.uk or you can buy from eBay it’s quite cheap aswell mine love dandelion leaves when I put these in they’ve gone in seconds also coriander leaves and stem fruit wise they seem to love apple best of all but what I was thinking of doing is a fruit cocktail you know grate some sweet potato, apple, coriander leaves chopped, grated carrot and just see what’s left if anything at least then by giving them a mixture they can pick for themselves what they like and then you’ll know I haven’t fed any kind of fish food to mine but I’m thinking of trying it or pond sticks I’ve heard of for protein I’ve tried mine with ground dry dog food and they positively won’t touch it perhaps it’s the brand (lol)😊 from Karen
  7. Hi my Madagascar hissers love fruity roach chow available from bugznbits.co.uk and insect fuel from a company called Arcadia and there website is www.arcadia.com and you can feed this from crickets to mealworms I think they like it so much cuz it’s got carrot powder in it spinach etc it’s all ground up so it’s ok for tiny nymphs which is great they also love coriander leaves and stem they love dandelion leaves I put some of these in the tank and they’ve gone in seconds but I do grow my own I get the seeds from eBay from Karen
  8. Hi I’ve heard that hissers are very attracted to peanut butter but is it safe to feed to them has I’m not sure can anyone help please as I’ve haven’t had mine has pets very long and I only want to do my best for them thank you from Karen
  9. Hi my names Karen and I’m new to keeping hissing cockroaches you say edible flowers well could they be dry ones sort of like you would feed a tortoise? Mine at the mo quite like insect fuel which is a dry leafy mix which is what I feed my crickets which are a live food my roaches are defo pets don’t get me wrong only I’m looking for ideas on how to keep them healthy and happy regards from Karen
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