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  1. Not that I have noticed! My culture is not big by any means but they have had babies. They could be. Yeah, not sure why the links didn't work. Here's a another try Hope These Three work!
  2. Here they are! Not quite as green as hoped, but I am super excited about them. The first image has the two most green ones, and the other images show most of the rest. https://ibb.co/wBb14mk https://ibb.co/PxcG1zq https://ibb.co/5nyGPCd
  3. Thanks! I wasn't aware of that! Going to pick up the culture in an hour, I'll upload photos if I can get any good ones!
  4. I am getting a culture of Armadillidium vulgare "St. Lucia" shortly. Has anyone ever tried selectively breeding the different colours of this animal? I understand that there is quite the variation under this locality, but is it possible? I would love to isolate some Jade coloured individuals eventually. I think they are quite beautiful. Does anyone know if the wild type colours are linked to sex? If anyone has and extra tips I would appreciate it. Stay safe guys.
  5. Can you give some back to the person you bought them from or sell them yourself? I don't believe that there's any way to sterilize them/prevent breeding.
  6. I have BC Maple. I find them pretty easy. They are hardy and are a little slow growing. https://ibb.co/3pdDkFP https://ibb.co/rf2N05S https://ibb.co/0J4Jtyr https://ibb.co/Q8PWS3n
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