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  1. Quite excited to find a roach forum.:) Forums in general seem to be dying out :(, but there obviously still is good stuff to be found I've been keeping invertebrates of various kinds for over two decades now. My main interest are arachnids, but all arthropods are cool. My first roach was some South American species that I planned to feed to my tarantula, but it turned out to be so very cute, I simply couldn't! After that I've kept on and off a handful of different species. ATM I have only A. tessellata. I'm growing them as pets and also, if they start breeding well, to be dissected on the university animal morphology course. (Some may also end up to be fed to the spiders, but these are not exactly fast breeders, so I'll use them only if there is serious shortage of other feeder animals.) I find roaches fascinating. They are much more complex behaviourally than average people realize. I'd be superinterested to know if subsocial species of cockroaches, like Cryptocercus spp. are kept in captivity.
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