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  1. That's great! More people need to keep these, especially considering that they are extinct in the wild.
  2. Probably Blaberus sp. There are so many to choose from and they make great feeders & pets.
  3. My dubias used to hide all of their protein pellets in one spot. They never hid there themselves during the day, they just created a stash of pellets lol...
  4. I would probably go 1:3 or 1:4, but the more roaches the better in the beginning.
  5. 1. Hi, nice to meet you! 2. Personally I would recommend a True Blaberus craniifer or some type of hisser. I personally am a fan of big roaches, as it's super cool to watch them and be able to hold them if you desire. A true Blaberus craniifer has black wings and a prontum with a skull-shaped marking. For some reason they are often confused with other Blaberus sp. Hissers are also cool, but always try to go non-hybrid, as they are much better and worth the effort. 3. The best book is "For the love of cockroaches". It's super helpful. I hope I could help!
  6. My dubias don't seem to mind cucumbers, I've never heard of a dislike of the skins before... This rumor is probably from one of those fake "life hack" channels lol
  7. I got dubias from the same brand... they are super slow growing and they were kept with no hides or food. The hissers are terribly hybridised, only 1 or 2 inches instead of 3. It's so sad...
  8. Wow, quite the haul! Use a substrate such as cocopeat/ecoearth, and I also agree to get the roach book. Make sure to use cork bark as hides. Enjoy!
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