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  1. Cool! I use an UTH on the side as well, I was just checking to make sure that that was still the best option. I use a thermometer/hydrometer setup with air hole to regulate the temp, but I was wondering if people use reptile thermostats with their roaches. Nice setup!
  2. Hi everyone! I was just wondering what is the best brand/"model" heat mat and thermostat for roaches. I was also wondering what would be the best way to attach the thermostat to the heat mat. Thanks, and have a great day!
  3. Wow, super cool! Hope you can get them established and distributed!
  4. Super cool! I wish this species was in culture, so best of luck in getting them established! Their wings are pointer than other Therea sp. in the hobby, and their blotches look awesome (at least the photos on Google look nice)! Keep us updated!
  5. Nice! Small roaches (under 1 inch, with exceptions) aren't as appealing for me to keep as pets (harder to handle), but it's great to see that other people keep them. The 1st instars really look like termites (makes sense because they are related...)!
  6. Kyle has some pure Common Hissers from Cleavland, but nobody refers to them by that "culture" name anymore. I have to agree! G. Oblongata is the largest hisser, and some can have some wild horns!
  7. Yeah. It's so strange how some speices are distantly related, yet look so similar.
  8. Wow, I was waaaay off... they remind me of a Rhino roach, so I assumed they were at least a few inches in length...
  9. Hmmm... perhaps they're too dry? I'm sorry to hear that, but at least they are healthy.
  10. Thanks! I already know that this is one of my favorite forums! I'm super hyped to roach-out with everyone!
  11. I keep mine on a special substrait mix bc they're my pets, and they love it! If you use them as feeders, use "creatures soil" and make a bucket strainer so that you can separate the nymphs from the sub easily.
  12. Hello everyone, FlamingSwampert here! I just wanted to introduce myself. You may/may not know me from the Arachnoboards forum, or from many other places. I am getting into the roach hobby, so I decided to join this forum! I plan on getting many more species once it becomes warmer, but currently I only have Dubia Roaches. Other than roaches, I have a Painted Agama named Rocky, and a plethora of isopods, beetles, millipedes, and fish. I have also kept stag beetles and mantises, but all of my individuals sadly died. I love all roaches (and animals), but my favorite spec
  13. Wow, they are tiny! Makes sense because they live with ants.... Any babies yet?
  14. Wow! It's always so interesting when inverts have personalities!
  15. Hi all, I was just wondering about the differences between the "UCR" and regular Death's Head Roach cultivars. I know that the "UCR" are larger, paler, and calmer, but are there any other differences? Thanks, and happy roaching everyone!
  16. Hey @Hisserdude, what website do you use to make your blog? I'm thinking of starting my own.
  17. I guess that makes sense. Thank you guys for the response.
  18. Hi everybody. All of my pics are "too big" to be added on this forum. My tablet is kind-of old, so this may be causing the problem. Does anyone know a way to fix this?
  19. Where did you get these from? I would really like to get my hands on some myself! Any updates?
  20. I know this is an old thread, but are there any updates? How are these guys doing?
  21. I've never heard of these before! Good luck with them!
  22. Roach Crossing has all your roach needs. They have all of those species, and all of them are pure. I don't know if they ship to the UK, though.
  23. Yeah I figured. I'm happy to see this species in the US, considering how rare they are in the hobby rn.
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