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  1. My dubias don't seem to mind cucumbers, I've never heard of a dislike of the skins before... This rumor is probably from one of those fake "life hack" channels lol
  2. I got dubias from the same brand... they are super slow growing and they were kept with no hides or food. The hissers are terribly hybridised, only 1 or 2 inches instead of 3. It's so sad...
  3. Wow, quite the haul! Use a substrate such as cocopeat/ecoearth, and I also agree to get the roach book. Make sure to use cork bark as hides. Enjoy!
  4. It's an internet phrase used to pay respects to someone/something that has died/is dying. Lol sorry for the confusion. S. conserfariam is probably my third favorite species, after B. gitanteus and A. insignis.
  5. Hello, I was wondering how people ranked up on this forum (ex eggcase, subadult, ect). Does it have to do with time, content, or reputation? Thanks
  6. I will get a zoo med creatures heat mat, but I can't use it with their current container. It is a 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3 (inches) container. It is circular, and so the heat mat cannot be attached to the side (you can't put it on the bottom, bc the roaches will dig down and cook themselves). Is the size of the enclosure too small(since they haven't outgrown it I figured it still is big enough, but maybe they need to be in a bigger enclosure to grow)? And other than heat (it will reach high 70s soon inside), could anything else be causing the growth problems? Edit: I have sourced a large
  7. Sounds great! Good luck with the p. horrida as well! Lowering the heater temp might slow them, but idk...
  8. Malformations can be caused by overpopulation, molting stresses, and inbreeding (weaker genes makes the roach weaker, so the exoskeleton can be more easily damadged). You should probably add more vertical surfaces to provide more molting space, and try to lower the population. Adding more genetically distinct dubias could also help.
  9. I received 24 Blaptica dubia nymphs during the November of 2020. I heard that it may take 5-8 months for them to mature, but they are still around 1/2 inch. They are kept a bit colder than recommended because the heat mat will only fit on their final, larger tank. I feed them an assortment of veggies and fish food pellets. They have a 1 inch deep substrait (zoo med's creatures substrate mixed with some ground-up leaves) and 2 bark hides (bark from a tree in my backyard, one peice is curved and has space underneath to hide, they love it), as well as a twig and a mesh climbing structure. They ar
  10. I believe Peter got his culture from one of the discoverers of the species, and he confirmed that the cave was destroyed/thoroughly ruined.
  11. Gotta agree with you there, those Tardigrades put all roaches to shame. The "roaches can survive nuclear radiation" statement is true, but every arthropod can resist radiation. If any arthropod would claim the Earth, it would be the ants, with their complex hives and specialized casts. But roaches IMO still are the best to keep, as long as you have that barrier
  12. Definitely the "Venom" morph of the Periplaneta americana. The jet-black body and pale white eyes have a great contrast. (Kyle has them if you want some for yourself)
  13. Neat, that rich deep red tone really fits the nymphs well!
  14. Sorry to hear that, I wonder why davidi just randomly die sometimes, but good luck (and keep us posted, as always)!
  15. Bugsincyberspace and Roach Crossing both sell them.
  16. Yeah, maybie add super tight mesh to keep them in, since you've already made the holes?
  17. Agreed... but yet again it seems the autocorrect has struck me down! And embarrassed me on the internet... I have no idea what it autocorrected to US, but I originally said "for the roach hobby" (at least before my computer decided that it writes better than I do)
  18. Great to hear that! Hissers are the best! Hopefully this will be a big win for the US roach hobby! Good luck, and keep us posted!
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