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  1. Yes, thank you for welcoming, it seems not too much populated here or am I wrong? At the end I ordered 3 species Gyna centurio, Panesthia augustipennis cognata and hissing one, forgotten the Sp. name now. Thank you once again, hope to find people with same passion here, book ordered:-)
  2. Hi, I'd like to introduce myself, Im from Czech republic, long time insect enthusiast, but first time going for roaches. I have already bit limited space, so right now can afford one or two species and would like to pick as much attractive as possible. I can provide them with good conditions as Im financialy set well, Id be glad if You could guys name few of Your own favorites, for me to have an idea and wat makes them outstanding. Im also looking for some good literature on roaches, if possible enthomological, not the basic breeding tips that I can find elsewhere or ask a reputable breeder. Thank You very muchband wish You all nice weekend.
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