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  1. Hello, people of Roach Forum. I have a very picky customer at the moment that really wants shadow roaches, but they are in Florida. I am fairly certain they're not Florida legal, but I want to make sure, as this is a trade I'd really like to do. Let me know whether they are legal or not. - Jacob
  2. I just got a decent amount of Gyna caffrorum nymphs from a guy on DIscord, and was wondering how long they take to mature, as most of them are very small. - Jacob
  3. My friend owns 2 (most likely hybridized) G. portentosa, and one of them just lays on its back every single day, and doesn't struggle much, but if it is picked up, it will run around like any other nymph. This friend also has the other nymph, which has no problems whatsoever, and is fine? Any idea of what the problem could be? Thanks, Jacob
  4. I have kept them together with no problems. They get along quite nicely, actually. I would not keep GABs with roaches though, unless you have a very large enclosure, as the stuff they secrete could cause some problems in a tiny space
  5. Does anybody know what the approximate sizes of Paratropes mexicana, Paratropes pica, and Melyroidea magnifica are? I am working on a woodburning project, and I prefer to do animals at their actual size.
  6. Oh. It's always kind of sad to see people leave such a great hobby.
  7. From what I can find, the first one is Paratropes cf. bilunata, and the second one is Eucorydia aenea
  8. Do you still have these in culture?
  9. Biological Hobbies is a server directed to hobbies that involve any form of life. We have kind and friendly members who are fairly active, and we hope that you will join us! We have many, many channels to get involved in, including plants, animals, fungi, moss, and other similar things. Thanks! - Joopes https://discord.gg/7d56sRMhrALet me know if this is not allowed on this forum
  10. Does anybody know what species these are?
  11. Do you think that Australia will ever make its laws lax enough that we ca keep Polyzosteria mitchelli? Why or why not?
  12. Ah ok. As a wise person once told me, "Don't count your cocoons until they are spun."
  13. Does anyone keep, or know someone that keeps, Melyroidea sp.?
  14. Are you planning on selling any of those? This thread is pretty old, but thought I would ask...
  15. OK, mine isn't a roach, but I personally think the red and white Narceus americanus millipedes are amazing. Hopefully Peter has them back in stock soon 😉
  16. I just set my hisseers on a shelf for a week or so, near some mothballs, and they flatten out a bit, but seem to dry fine.
  17. I would say either the emerald roaches, tiger roaches, or Ischnoptera deropeltiformis
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