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  1. Hi! I just got confirmed and I’m happy to be here I have three hissers at the moment, and I’m raising them as pets. I found the community while my fourth one of the bunch had a health problem and what I assume a problem with molting, and passed away and I was trying to find answers to what was wrong. I have a few questions since I’m still very new to this. how can I tell my roaches are going to molt soon? What kind of humidity is ideal, I don’t have anything to measure it but currently have been misting the enclosure around twice a day. And then maybe a bit of a morbid question I might make a thread for, has anyone here preserved their roaches after their death, and what techniques have you used and if you have any tips on how to go on about it? I’m really interested in taxidermy, and want to preserve my little fellas.
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