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  1. Thank you so much for the site! This will help a lot. Now to find out how to sex my Peppered roaches....I just got in 4 of them and with my bad eyes I cant tell who's girl or boy lol.
  2. Hi there. I have both males and females and they are pretty quiet. Only every once in a while will my boys make a quiet hiss. Some of my girls hiss as well. But both the boys and girls are pretty quiet. I don't think they would be an issues sound wise.
  3. Hi there I'm Bandi, long time invert lover and keeper from Southern Arizona. I was never really fond or roaches, more of a phobia actually, until I was given a starter colony of Gromphadorhina portentosa. I'm now hooked. I ended up also rescuing a group of Dubia nymphs that were in a pre packaged, sealed container at a big box store. I use their offspring as feeders for my 2 tarantula slings. I also now have a large group of Pycnoscelus nigra, and have one adult female Arenivaga genitalis that I'm going to be getting a male for in the summer when they come out to my lights. (crossing fingers that I can get a group started.) I also keep a number of Isopods and true spiders. I plan on keeping more species of roaches, and I hope to be acquiring a starter of Archimandrita tesselata with in the next week. I'm hoping to get some care tips for my female Arenivaga genitalis. That was what actually brought me here was an older post from 2016/ 2017 about this species. Thank you for letting me join. I hope to learn a lot.
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