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  1. Given how much Hissers climb I would not recommend a sliding lid at all. (Honestly I wouldn't recommend such lids for most roaches, I recently rehoused out of such a tank in fear of crushing nymphs). I have kept hissers without bug barrier or anything like that, and have done so either in a glass tank with a fit lid like this (with a sheet of mesh underneath the lid) or in a large foam sealed breeder bin. For the latter I will cut out the center of the lid and hot glue mesh to form a covering (ideally two layers). Depending on the bin, an additional sheet of mesh can also be placed between the
  2. Definitely second getting For The Love of Cockroaches. Would also check out some of the species specific threads on this forum - theres a lot of information on each one you listed, and far too much too write up here.
  3. Congrats on getting this beautiful species! Though Orin and Peter are the definitive experts on them in the hobby, I've been keeping them for about 7 months now, with a fair amount of success. The starting culture I work with is quite large due to its long term purpose, but I know of people who have successfully been able to culture large amounts out of groups as small as six. You'll get anywhere from 15-30 babies out of one successful pairing, though god knows it takes a while. In most cases adulthood takes about 8 months to reach, and gestation ranges 3-5. I have been told however, that thes
  4. My pleasure! It's probably my favorite roach species (though I also love Blaberus giganteus) so always happy to talk about it๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Apologies if this in any way seemed disrespectful, that was not my intent at all. Was this improper as a newbie to the forum? I assure you I had no intent to offend, I just see it keep coming up and wanted to help clarify.
  6. This seems to continually come up on multiple forums, so let's hope this explanation is clarifying. The reason why many people claim that Simandoas are not extinct in the wild is because their status as such has not yet been recognized by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The only reason for this is that the IUCN requires a minimum 50 year period between a species last sighting in the wild, and its declaration as extinct in the wild. This DOES NOT however, mean that this species does not deserve this status. Heck, the IUCN still hasn't officially recognized Northern
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