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  1. both are still alive, but one is in really rough shape. just lying on his back moving his limbs in slow or jerking movements. I know it looks like he was poisoned, but I never introduced anything new into the enclosure and none of the others are acting sick. please help.
  2. So, two of my adult male blaptica dubia seemed so be really close and touching each other last night. this lead to mating, but now one is acting completely fine, but seems to be experiencing some minor organ prolapse. the other, is acting very abnormal, such as standing on his hind legs and just standing there still, raising his arms up like a praying mantis. when I put my finger near him he starts waving his arms like mad. when I pick him up he beats his wings incessantly but has much difficulty walking at all. he also seems to be experiencing much more severe prolapse, with nearly all his internal genitalia pushed out, however, when I lightly touch it, he is able to pull it back in, where as the other cannot. I have them separated now, and I am sure there is not much that can be done, but any and all advice would be very helpful and very much appreciated. thank you.
  3. I think that offering a wide variety is a great idea and the best option.
  4. Thank you Roach Forum and all those that are in this wonderful little community of ours!
  5. Yeah, exactly what I was thinking
  6. I would probably still supplement them
  7. I know of many people who have had a great experience with purchasing from leeches.com, but shipping is a bit pricey for me. I was wondering If anyone else knew of any other sites that ship pet leeches. so much gratitude to all those who can help!😊
  8. bahahahahaha🤣 These really made me laugh! soooooooo relatable!
  9. haha yeah. But I do make sure there are no possible escape routes.The top of my enclosure is a tight mesh screen that slides in and locks in place.
  10. so, to update this, yes I do recommend this. It lets you monitor your nymphs better and keeping them in a smaller space lets them find food easier.
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