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  1. Most other species other than the ones I mentioned might be a pain to either keep or feed due to burrowing, climbing and slow reproduction.
  2. It might be hard to find a large species that doesn't climb or burrow. Most roaches can either fly, burrow, or climb/run fast. some like P. americana can do 2 of the 3 but don't really burrow. If you don't want climbing, I'd steer clear of any hissers, Periplaneta species, or many other common non burrowers. I'd suggest Turkestans (B or S lateralis) but they don't get large at all. I honestly recommend a Blaberus species or Eublaberus species. Good ones include B. craniifer and giganteus as well as E. posticus or E. sp Ivory. Honestly, orange heads might work best as they're one of the cheaper
  3. I love the zebra bois! One of my favorite species!
  4. Hey! Not sure how much you'd be wanting for them but I'm happy to pay shipping and take them in! I have several hisser cultures as pets and I'd love to give the nymphs a good home! Hissers usually aren't worth much money but once again, I'm happy to take them off your hands or at least pay for shipping so long as it isn't too expensive for the shipping.
  5. Hmm, maybe a neurological issue? Do you know where they come from? Or what he may be feeding?
  6. Haha I actually have two! One behavior witnessed two years ago and one witnessed today. 1. Dubia hunting live prey - One night in 2019 I put some mealworms into a set of about 20 mixed Dubia nymphs (Mostly large and medium sized nymphs). These nymphs had not encountered mealworms before. I noticed several hunting the mealworms and eating them live similar to behavior seen by orange head roaches. Really bizarre behavior as my Dubia colony never attack their tank mates like mealworms or dermestid beetles. Maybe because the nymphs didn't get enough protein? I was fresh as a roach hobbyist ba
  7. My simandoans do the same lol! They squirrel away fish pellets like my hamster does haha
  8. I wanted to know if anyone knows what in the world kind of roach I found in my Domino roach enclosure. First time I've seen it and it's a really cool roach. My first guess was an Ergaula species; one of the beetle mimics. The file is too big to attach here; would anyone be able to do an ID if I was able to email you the pic? Thanks for any assistance!
  9. Hi Portentosa! I have many hissers and figured I'd give some care advice. I wouldn't worry too much about them not eating a ton. Hissers don't seem to eat much and don't have a strong feeding response. You're feeding good stuff, they just may not eat a ton. For example, mine didn't start clearing large food amounts until they got to the amount of 50-60 large hissers. Might try adding in oranges or banana as they love those. Fish pellets too. They aren't picky eaters though. As far as moisture is concerned, hissers (most species), are not picky or particular about humidity. They hail
  10. Looks like Blaptica dubia and those are commonly raised so it's probably just a few rogue dubia. Though Byrsotria fumigata looks very similar so you may want to ask the museum directly on an exact species match.
  11. Oh, and my hissers do actually go nuts for banana! Forgot that one
  12. Mine love lots of foods but their faves are fish food, repashy bug burger, and squash. Try out zucchini, yellow or butternut squashes. Roaches in general seem to like them. I would keep in mind something I've noticed; hissers don't seem to eat a ton or get like, nuts about most things. They seem to eat a fair amount then stop for a day. Mine get excited about fish pellets but not much else. Not that they don't like the foods, I just don't think they're as crazy overall about eating as say dubia. My dubia go nuts for anything lol....except leafy greens, they seem to hate those haha. So it may b
  13. Thanks for the advice! I agree, plastic and heat worry me too. People do it but I reaaaaaly don't wanna risk melting or starting a fire.
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