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  1. Thanks for the advice! I was most concerned with H. palliata as I want to keep them secure but still allow them ample light as they're day active; plus I'd love to watch them. Would you cut a ventilation hole for mesh in the plexiglass lid or just drill holes? Would I go to hardware store to get something like that made? I'm a beginner in DIY stuff and own a power tool or two but I'm no bob the Builder haha.
  2. Yeah I feel the same haha. My roaches all seem to like it across the board.
  3. @FlamingSwampert Nice name btw! I love the Hoenn starters. Sceptiles my fave but I love Swampert too!
  4. Love Orin's books btw! I also own the Isopods one and the small centipede handbook. Never knew centipedes ate fruits until I read it. Sure enough, my Vietnamese Giant loved a banana treat the other night.
  5. Hi Everyone! Thanks for the advice! I actually own For The Love of Cockroaches (Amazing book btw). Just was looking for any other insight. I really appreciate the information, it's bound to be helpful! Hoping everything goes well! I hopefully can get them all to breed and be able to spread more of them in the hobby. They should be a lot of fun to raise!
  6. Continuing my earlier reply; I think that people are gonna end up with more roaches instead of eliminating them with cucumber skin lol. Could be that P. americana or B. germanica don't enjoy it but I've never heard of that being the case. I'll be getting P. americana nymphs soon so I can test if they eat it and report back if anyone is interested in knowing how they react but I'm certain they'll eat it.
  7. Hi Everyone, Haha I wonder if the skins thing might just be misinformation going around the general public because all my species actually eat the skin first, even if the cucumber flesh is there. The first day any cucumber slices are there, they clean the skin like CRAZY and I just see the flesh sitting there. Oddly, they don't seem to care for the flesh as much. I don't know if it's the taste, smell, or color of the skins but they love it. The ones that have eaten it under my care are: Common Hissers Halloween Hissers Dubia Roaches - These guys are INSANE about the skin. They fight over who gets to eat it first no matter how much of it I offer. Domino Roaches - They don't eat as much as other species but still greatly enjoy the skin. Centurion Roaches - Eat very little so I'll have to study that more. But the Dubias don't seem to care as much about the fruit flesh as much as the skin; same for my hissers. Of course, this is just me observing my roaches I own. It's also worth noting they eat zucchini the same way but do the reverse for yellow squash. It might be worth feeding them some squash as all my roaches love any type. Haha dubias in my experience will WORSHIP you if you give them butternut squash. They like treat it like the nectar of the gods lol. I mean they swarm it the minute they smell it; some don't even let me put it down fully before they start jumping on it. They're like fanatical about it. Anyway, thought I 'd share my experiences. The dubias swarming the squash is so cute. They look so happy lol.
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm a fairly new roach hobbyist (Been in the hobby around a year now). I'm getting several new species and have consulted some helpful websites such as RoachCrossing and have basic care requirements. I wanted to know if anyone had any in depth care advice for any of these species? I totally understand some of these are not commonly kept so I understand if not many people keep them. I'll list them below and anyone feel free to chime in and share your experiences with them. Anything helps! New Species on the Way (In about a month): Periplaneta americana (White Eye and Black Variants) - I know these guys are pretty hardy but I would love any extra advice on rearing them. Hemithyrsocera palliata - These guys looked so interesting and I'd love to know any advice on their care. I wasn't able to find much online but was able to get basic care from RoachCrossing. Anallacta methanoides - Another one that does not have much info I could find. Beautiful species though. Rhyparobia cf. capelloi - I was told by Kyle of RoachCrossing that this species is uncommonly kept; I haven't found much info beyond basics. cf. Neostylopyga propinqua - Cool species that I'd love more advice on! Simandoa conserfariam - I'd love any advice for these as I really want my future culture to do well so that more of these can be in the hobby. New Species (On the way this week): These I've gotten much more info for but any advice is welcome! Paratemnopteryx couloniana Blaberus fusca Both of these I have found info on but would love extra advice! Any info anyone can give would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. @LittleBandiI just wanted to drop in and say it's awesome you rescued some of the dubias at a pet store! I did that once as well and they grew up nice and healthy. I always feel bad for the little guys as they usually look really hungry and dehydrated at big box pet stores.
  10. @HisserdudeThat's interesting about the booklice! Have they been used at all before in drier roach enclosures to help keep things clean? I don't know if they could pose issues or not but I was curious if anyone in the hobby has intentionally introduced them to enclosures before. Sorry if this is a rookie question, I'm still somewhat new and have only kept roaches for a year, half that if we're talking seriously keeping them for the purpose of helping the hobby. Thanks for any info you can provide in advance!
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