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  1. I think the issue was ventilation, I switched them to a taller critter keeper with a lot more holes in the top and haven't seen any die since. It's a shame I lost ~7 of my 12 at that point but they seem to be thriving now.
  2. Thanks Hisserdude. I've starting misting the whole enclosure but I came across another dead juvenile today, and an aborted ooth. I'm going to try adding some more holes for ventilation, besides that I can't imagine what's causing this.
  3. I got 12 Simandoa a month ago and so far 3 juveniles and 1 adult have died off in under a month. It's not a sudden die-off, but it's enough roaches to concern me. They are on a soil substrate with a moist and dry side of the box, the lid is well ventilated with a screen mesh underneath. The average day temperature is around 85 and 75 at night. I heard this species needs good ventilation, so do I need more holes? Thanks for any info. These deaths could be coincidences but I'd hate to watch my colony slowly die off.
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