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  1. Hi! I'm from VA. I'm an at home auntie and me and my niece love to catch bugs. We have lots of baby roaches to rear and lots of questions that need lots of answers. I was referred by a member on beetleforum.net. My roaches: 1 Madagascar Hisser, 1 Tiger Hisser, 1 Halloween Hisser, 8 Halloween x Madagascar hisser hybrid nymphs, 2 chrome roaches, 3 domino roach nymphs, 1 large death head nymph, and 1 beetle mimic roach. We have quite a collection going on!
  2. Hi! Ever since my hissers bred, I've had the worst time raising insects ever. And to make things worse, I have another litter on it's way(I'll be seperating the female once she gives birth). I had around 20, but their numbers just kept dropping within a month now. Often dying without a cause, I find them on their backs convulsing. The only times that had a cause was when I shut the cage top down and didn't see the roach in the way(poor guy!). And one just 2 days ago, which I think he was stuck behind the water cap for too long. I have 8 now, which have been thriving well and growing. I ha
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