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  1. Well, here they are! The biggest ones are about 2 inches long. My niece and I own one each in different enclosures. They both look just like their halloween hisser mother, but here's the 6.
  2. Well, all 8 are still alive and growing like weeds! 5 look just like their Halloween Hisser mother, 2 black, and 1 that's orange with black stripes. I have to clean their enclosure later, I will take pictures.
  3. Ok, thank you. All she's doing is twitching her antennae. I've got her in a separte container, letting nature take it's corse. Poor girl. She has blessed us with offsprin.. maybe cursed. Ugh! So many roaches! lol I love them though.
  4. I just realized I only purchased my Halloween Hisser in March this year. I thought I had her much longer for some reason. Anyways, I'm just wondering how long they stay gravid, I heard 2 months. She's had 3 litters withen the 5 months I've had her. 2 months ago(2 litters withen that) and just 1 last month. She's dying now. She can longer move around. Her legs will move, and her anttenae(I don't know how its spelled) twitch and thats pretty much it. She also literally shriveled up. I mean, she looks like a nymph. She's been this way for a few days now. Today she has a "egg case" loaded from her rear. The babies have not "hatched" or "split" yet. Miscarriage? I'm just trying to solve a mystery thats bugging me. Thanks for any help!
  5. Thank you for the tip. I spray it down once a week, this enclosure collects humidity real fast and due to that, causes mold build up. They had a fresh spray down this morning. I have some very interesting news. One of mine has put his colors on and looks just like his mother(the halloween hisser) so far. I couldn't get a good pic of him. This new enclosure is round made with a stated "no-climb" thin plastic(they climb it with no problem). It's very shiny and he was right in the way for an inevitable flash. But I will definently get a pic if I find him in a good position. Edit: He darkened back up. Guess it was a shed, and maybe a sneak peak!
  6. Ok, thank you! Yes, he has darkened up and is on par with my tiger hisser in size. Very large roach! Hopefully I can get some pics with him and the other roaches some time.
  7. Here's an image of one. You can tell he just shedded with that fat circular body. lol The babies are about a half inch long.
  8. Last year, I ordered a Death Head's Cockroach UCR nymph that was supposed to be an ivory varient from BugsInCyberspace. Today he made final shed! But, the roach looks just like a normal black Death Head. It's strange because at that time, they were out of stock with normal death heads, so I got this one. I was almost kind of upset at first, but he's still awesome and most importantly my niece didn't seem to care. She loves him! He's the most beautiful roach in the collection now(sorry Hissy Fit, the Halloween Hisser)Maybe I'm wrong, is this what a UCR ivory roach looks like? I can't find much info regarding this roach let alone what UCR even means. lol Here's a pic. The flash makes it look lighter, but it's body is black and has a faint fading white stripe on it's back. The only difference I see between the regular and this roach is the color of the head. It's more white. Is it a hybrid? Thanks for any info!
  9. I will take images tonight when they are their most active. They're solid black now, but some have pale stripes on their back. I won't sell them. I'll throw the roaches in for free, if I ever get a beetle trade(I have 8 and more emerging from pupas superworm darkling beetles that need to go!). I want them to get a little bigger before shipping them off, just because they're still awfully small despite the growth spurts. And yes, it probably is bad genetics. Before turning completely black, with a close look and a flashlight, many of them had the markings of their madagascar father. The silver and brown ones died off. I only had 2 of those as well.
  10. I recently bought some very fine dry roach kibble that's berry flavored made by someone on ebay. They love it! It states that it's a "super growth" formula, and ever since I've been feeding them that, they have been growing. One died, but I found a new one in the adult roach cage, very large! It must be the hybrid between our huge black tiger and the female halloween hisser. I have high hopes for these little guys. I'm now worried about if they will all find homes.
  11. In my opinion, the best way to preserve insects is in acrylic cast resin. Less fragile and can be handled. Turn them into keychains, paperweights, or just for display! You do still have to let the insects dry out before casting them. If not, the decomposing of the insect will interreact with the curing process, and your project will never harden, and if it does harden, it will eventually ooze and smell as the insect decomposes.
  12. Hi! I'm from VA. I'm an at home auntie and me and my niece love to catch bugs. We have lots of baby roaches to rear and lots of questions that need lots of answers. I was referred by a member on beetleforum.net. My roaches: 1 Madagascar Hisser, 1 Tiger Hisser, 1 Halloween Hisser, 8 Halloween x Madagascar hisser hybrid nymphs, 2 chrome roaches, 3 domino roach nymphs, 1 large death head nymph, and 1 beetle mimic roach. We have quite a collection going on!
  13. Hi! Ever since my hissers bred, I've had the worst time raising insects ever. And to make things worse, I have another litter on it's way(I'll be seperating the female once she gives birth). I had around 20, but their numbers just kept dropping within a month now. Often dying without a cause, I find them on their backs convulsing. The only times that had a cause was when I shut the cage top down and didn't see the roach in the way(poor guy!). And one just 2 days ago, which I think he was stuck behind the water cap for too long. I have 8 now, which have been thriving well and growing. I have 2 small critter cages I keep 4 each. The cages are about 3.5 inches wide, 6 inches long, and 6 inches height. Pretty small, but big enough for how tiny they are right now, and are the only cages that have ventilation holes too small for them to escape, not to mention easier for me to observe. Diet: They are very picky. Because these small cages cause mold growth very quickly, instead of fresh fruit I'm giving them a roach jelly that's made with real bananas. They seem to like it, although it's a rare sight to catch them eating. I provide both hydration gels and water. Substrate is coconut soil. Because these small cages collect humidity very well, I only sprayed them down once a week. I don't have a heater for them, so I've recently been putting the cages *near* the heater on my beetle tank(I don't want them to get too warm) and they love it. I always rotate the cages near the heater. One at night and one at day. Maybe this is what they needed to help. They are half Madagascar Hisser half Halloween hisser. The next litter is going to be half Halloween Hisser half Black Tiger Hisser(we caught their butts stuck). Although we knew this could possibly happen, this was not intentional. We had no room just to keep our female Halloween Hisser seperate from our other roach collection, although we really have no choice now. We were really excited about the babies, but now I'm just exhausted. Anything else I can do to help them thrive and keep them alive? Thanks!
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