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  1. She dropped it! It was definitely an ootheca. To be honest I wanted her to drop it. I bought them as pets not to breed and was unaware she was female as I am very new to the hobby!
  2. Hi, my female hisser is obviously trying to drop her ootheca (her abdomen looks like it is pinching the ootheca off). However, it has now been nearly 3 days and it has not dropped or gone back into her abdomen. I am worried about her health, how can I help her/what do I do?????
  3. Hi, I am new to the hobby and have 4 madagascan hissers annd 2 halloween hissers. I want to put a small watercress plant in their enclosure, i assume this is fine if I grow them (obviously pesticide free etc) but waned to make sure!! any advice is appreciated
  4. Hi! I have recently got 4 madagascan hissing cockroaches housed with 2 Halloween hissing cockroaches. I have researched their care extensively and I believe I am caring for them well. Is it normal for them to be barley seen? They spend all of their time under their corkbark hiding. I'm not sure how active they should be or how to know if they are healthy. They have some carrot and orange and bug gel for food/water in there and I have seen a few of them eat. My room is warm and humid but do I needd to be spraying them often? I'm also worried about pesticides on vegetables, am I okay to be giving them normal veggies from the store? I'm a worried beginner and thought someone may be able to help put my mind at ease. Thanks, - T
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