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  1. Also check out Pycnoscelus surinamensis, they have rapidly consumed anything I've thrown into their bin. Tolerant of bone dry to quite literally soaking wet substrate. extremely good at aerating the soil, have yet to do further testing but so far I've found they can dig to at least 8" of substate.
  2. I was having issues with my P. pallida, at first I was only using vaseline but then I started using some window screen as a second "lid". The pliable nature of the screen seems to fill in any gaps in my container's lid(just a normal plastic tub full of plenty gaps). I do find some roaches on the roof of the screen(I just tap them off before removing the lid) but I'm no longer getting escapees. You can probably use any breathable fabric and adjust the thickness of the edge till gaps are filled.
  3. Another US native micro roach?! ooh la la Hopefully you will have continued success with them.
  4. Is anyone aware of any databases for the pronunciation of roach scientific names?
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