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  1. My cockroaches (Megaloblatta blaberoides) love mushrooms (champignons) and bananas.
  2. Does no one maintain humidity automatically ? And how then ? Please share it ? At least where is the hygrometer installed ?
  3. Hello! Who uses automatic humidity maintenance in the container ? What do you use ? In which part of the container should I put the hygrometer ?
  4. Thank you! And what kind of vegetables do you give ?
  5. If you are talking about the size. What is the size of the container for 6 nymphs ? And for 6 adults ?
  6. For nymphs or for adults ? You don't need a rotten tree ?
  7. Hello! What kind of shelters should be in the container ? Please tell me who knows
  8. For all the completeness of the information, there are very few answers to the questions of Gromphadorhini. Please answer.🙏
  9. And the young nymphs who have just come out of the oothecae eat the same thing ?
  10. Thank you all for the answers ! This is a great help for me !!!😄👏
  11. Dear Gromphadorhini I apologize for so many questions. You've already told me a lot. No one knows so much except you. Thank you in advance
  12. And what size is the container for 6 nymphs ? And when will they grow up ?
  13. Are there any shelters besides the substrate ? Pieces of bark and rotten wood ?
  14. Thank you very much! Very detailed. Just what you need. What city is the laboratory in ? And do you not give mushrooms (champignons)? They love me very much.
  15. Maybe there are people on this forum who now live with Megaloblatta. Please answer
  16. Thanks ! I'll do that. Feed what ? I feed them with vegetables and fruits. Definitely mushrooms. And rotten wood. About the exit of young nymphs. The seller wrote that the ooteks were lying in wet soil. Long. About a year. But everyone came out on their own.
  17. Thanks ! I read this forum thread. But there are no temperature and humidity values anywhere. I have read all the branches from on this forum Megaloblatta . There are no temperature and humidity values anywhere. Only you wrote to me. Do you keep this kind ? What about the words of the seller (22-24 degrees)?
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