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  1. Thanks! I have not been out to collect much yet but I know there is great potential in the area based on what I've seen while outside wandering around. My best find has been an eyed click beetle, which had gotten into my house and was making a racket in the hallway
  2. I have a tiny experimental setup with yellow mealworms and a substrate consisting of styrofoam and oats. The larvae are definitely eating the styrofoam. About once a week I provide some sort of small chunk of vegetable (mainly carrots) for hydration and for the adult beetles. So far so good and they are eating it even in the presence of other, "better" foods.
  3. Thanks @Arthroverts and @Acro for the tips and links. I was thinking about starting with Eublaberus sp. "Ivory" since they are tried and tested. Appreciate the advice.
  4. So I'd like to set up a roach bin for blatticompostng. I culture some earthworm species but they don't consume very much and I've heard roaches can be pretty quick and handle larger volumes of food. Who has experience with this? Any tips or tricks? If so, what species have you used and how do you keep them? Thanks!
  5. Hey there folks, this is GardenDrag0n from the Houston area. I'm having a great time getting into the hobby and am trying to pace myself and get a good understanding of the species I have. Fortunate to have some good local invert folks down here! Currently keeping a variety of micro feeders for fun (3x springtail species, bean beetles, molitor mealworms, confused flour beetles, tropical white and dwarf purple isopods ) as well as some fancy isopods, a few special millipedes, and a small group of blue death feigning beetles. Oh and there are some roaches and a whip scorpion too! For roaches, I'm currently working with Polyphagia sassurei, which seem to be putting on growth and are fairly bullet-proof so far, as well as Therea peltiveriana and a colony of little Kenyans. The Kenyans might become feeders at some point if reproduction can keep up; for now they are pets. Anything that I can watch grow and reproduce is a plus!
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