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  1. thats great thank you... now to search on here and google them for the exact care
  2. oh fantastic thank you.... now to search for info on here or google them Must admit for a cockroach the males are absolutely gorgeous!
  3. Cheers Curtis Hoping one of you can help me with my mystery burrowing roaches!!! Poosticks just noticed my typo in the title hahaha! Yprkshire lolz!!!
  4. been googling burrowing roach pics but cant seem to find one that exactly matches head markings, wondered if any of you could help. We were given some of these off a friend who in turn was given them off his friend.. no one knows what they are!!! All I know is that they like apple! If you need any ventral pics please let me know I will gladly get another picture up Thanks in advance Lisa
  5. hello, I'm Lisa and from good olde yorkshire! more of a scorpion and reptile keeper (mainly agamids) and recently developed a fascination for roaches after cultivating dubia's for our ever growing collection! Found quite a few roach species I have seen on the net rather pretty. Anyway look forward to picking your combined brains on here lolz Lisa
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