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  1. Thanks Keith. Seems I was a bit optimistic
  2. I took a video of my feeder dubia a few minutes ago. I am interested to know how many you'd say are in the colony. The tub is a 27 gallon 26" x 18" x 19". My guess would be 1200. The reason why I would like to get an estimate is because I want to put up a fair price when I go to sell them. I want to focus more on the other species I have and I no longer have bearded dragons to feed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SCi4KTOBvc "'>Dubia Colony Seems like youtube may have a problem right now, I can't view any of the videos. Looks like it is just a firefox issue on my computer. IE works.
  3. 1. Leachianus Gecko 2. Crested Gecko 3. Elliptorhina javanica 4. Therea olegrandjeani 5. Blaberus colosseus 6. Archimandrita tesselata 7. Three Toed Box Turtle 8. Dumeril's Boa 9. Brazilian Rainbow Boa 10.Bearded Dragons
  4. That is a great looking (AND BIG) glass home for your roaches. I like it!
  5. Wow! This is a neat story. You took such good care of Midnight. Thanks for sharing Keith.
  6. Ticul


    I've had bunches of grain mites too. I used to clean the cages and wipe them up all the time. This last time they exploded I was on my way out the door for a couple days, so I separated them from the other roaches and when I got back they were nowhere to be found. I don't think they harm anything.
  7. Thank You Landy and vfox! I'm going to use it as a small portion of my dry food mix. Keith, I imagine if they'll eat apple pollen it would be good for them. I hope they eat the kind I found.
  8. I managed to get a hold of 3 lbs bee pollen from a guy in my local saltwater club who raises bees. He said he would be able to put the bees in specific places if the roaches would benefit from one type of pollen over the next. The pollen he had from last summer is mostly from citrus with some almond, alfalfa, and wildflowers. I live in a large agricultural area in central California so almost any flowering plant is available. Does someone have intel on this? Much obliged, Brent
  9. A 30 gallon display! Yes pictures please
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