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  1. Of course I do! Also I will try to cross them with the white eye morph and call them 'Venom' from Spiderman.
  2. Hi Guys, long time I write here. Let me post some interesting pics. There is a 13 years old Periplaneta americana colony. And suddenly a black color morph showed up! Here are some pictures: http://imageshack.us...9/5586/biie.jpg http://imageshack.us...1/4461/ni4r.jpg I do not know are there any possibilities that they are hybrids or not. Let's start the discuss. They are our roaches of course. Regards, Shipi
  3. I think the name is somewhere in the page. I don't remember.
  4. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/science-of-natural-history/science-at-the-museum/our-global-reach/map.html I hope it's working now.
  5. I know only one wild hisser video. Just click on the southern part of Madagascar. What an expedition! http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature- online/science-of-natural-history/ science-at-the-museum/our-global- reach/map.html Regards, Shipi
  6. I just woke up and the first thing I did in the morning was checking the craniifers. I found 5 dead adults (3 males, 2 females). I don't see any parasites on them. I'm gonna make some autopsy asap.
  7. So you tell me they must to be keep in 90 F degrees not lower? I give it a try, thanks!
  8. Hi guys, I have the similar problem with craniifers. Mines, by the way sometimes dying right after the last molt but I found many specimen dead with hardened exoskeleton. I keep them on room temperature with very good ventilation (same like other colonies) and they eat the very same food as the others. I give them cucumbers, apples, dried bun and dry cat food for protein. The substrate is aprox. 5 cm deep (barely 2 inches). It's a mix of coconut fiber and universal plant soil. They have nothing else in the 45 liter IKEA container. Every other colonies are absolutely fine. It is really embarrassing. I found an average 3-4 dead adults every day. I cannot find any parasites so I do not know what could be the problem. Their number is aprox. 200-300 maybe but I'm not sure. And the nymphs are fine too. Can someone help me? Shipi P.s.: I'm going to rehouse them without substrate so I can monitoring better dying. What do you think?
  9. I thought about it too, but I am afraid of a bacterial infection.
  10. Here is a link with an article about E. floridana mating behavior. As I remember you can find some information about grooming in it. I hope this will be usefull. http://www.hindawi.com/journals/psyche/1968/035721/abs/
  11. Mold spores are everywhere. Try to circulate the air maybe that could help. I use springtails and isopods to keep clean the bids so I do not have any mold problem. Only mites...
  12. I do not know what is mobile home. But in my opinion, just keep them outside on that climate what you found them and they will be good.
  13. Congratulations! Now you have to save money for Children's Day.
  14. I just heard them to snuff when chase each other. Maybe it's the part of the mating. However it was unsuccessful.
  15. In my opinion they have a very pleasant odor. I love to smell them when I open the cage. By the way, I have a little more than 50 specimen, so I am very curious how will they smell when I get 300. About the article, I cannot read it. :S But it seems interesting. Never mind, I've figured it out! Just saw the PDF button.
  16. Absolutely! I have to keep check them for all day.
  17. Interesting! So the females are looking for the males? I thought always the males are looking for the females.
  18. Dear Roachkeepers, I've got some E. floridiana and I put them into a bigger cage today and watch them. I saw them they are shaking! I cannot found any information about it in the forum, so can somebody tell me why they do that? Thanks, Zoltan
  19. Nothing but water from the clime. But it's clear. Before I put them in I washed out the bucket with clear water. So I do not understand. I can still find dead specimens in there. :S
  20. Dear Roachkeepers, I have a big problem. Yesterday I have cleaned my dubia bin because of mites and invading crickets. I put all dubias in a bucket and then washed the bin and cooked the substrate. Then I had have to go to work and left the roaches in the bucket for approx. 8 hours. At night when I get home found the roaches's 90% half dead - or whatever. I put them back to their enclosure immediately and heat the cage up and hope they will be okay for the morning. Now I just checked them, but nothing changed. They are still just lying and if I bother them they do not want to move or anything. It's a little colony - approx. 100 specimen - and the majority is adult. But the nymphs are doing this too. I do not want them to die but I do not know what can be the problem. I'm looking for any idea! Thanks! Zoltan
  21. In my T room the temperature is aprox. 91 F. but who knows what high in the dubia enclosure. I use coconut fiber substrate and I am spraying twice in a day [keeping the substrate moist]. They eat very well and now I cannot find any molting problem. I used to kept them without substrate with an egg carton. They do not had a good appetite then. But now they are always eating everything and hanging around on the surface and on the bark. What I can say is spraying as many as you can. But if it's not necessary do not heat them with that lamp. It's summer time!
  22. That pine cone is not bad to roaches if they are chewing on it? I thought resin contained nature stuffs is not a good idea in a roach enclosure. Or the cone does not contain resin? By the way, your nest collection is STUNNING! In my country I think nobody collect these. It is very rare here. And you cannot find so big nests here.
  23. Those plastic screens are not a problem? I mean cockroaches can chew through themselves of it. Or am I wrong? I use metal screen at all enclosures because I think they can escape from there if I use plastic ones.
  24. I think they do not mate so many times in a year. I saw many mating rejects so do not worrie about it. But maybe I am wrong.
  25. Very interesting. I am looking for these species as soon as I get more money to shipping. Thank for information! Zoltan
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