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  1. I've been in the arachno-hobby for about a decade now. In my wildest dreams I never thought that i would one day be kepping hissing roaches. Well, here we are, got a trhiving colony of several hundred individuals. I really didn't do any research regarding what foods hissers preffer but this is what i have come up with: (keep in mind i like to work out and as such am a bit of a health freak) -A small amount of chicken feed -A small amount of crushed dig food -Tons of all natural oats and various dehydrated food items -finally, something I haven't seen anyone else use, a Protein supplement. For those who don't know, protein is key to building muscles, and as such bodybuilders usually chug 4-6 protein shakes a day. These shakes taste pretty good and also give you an INSANE amount of protein. I thought, why not try this out on my hisser's! So far they love this mix... my main complaint about roaches is that they themselves do not stinky. Rather, it is usually there food items the lead to some funky odors. The smell of the chocolate protein shake + he smell of the deydrated fruits = pure heaven. For water, i of course over them greens or apples to spice things up. I also use water crystals. I'm thinking about adding some calcium supplements to my mix, as well as possibly some freesedried flies/crickets for an extra boost of protein. Might grow into hisser's the size of Oklahoma Has anything tried anything like this before? Any tips and or warnings? Thanks guys, im starting to dig roaches more and more!
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