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  1. It's the best French forum on cockroaches and the only really active.

    In any case all the breeders are welcome, several members of this forum speak English (not very good but understandable).

    In summer I am going to add many photos of my cockroaches.



  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your messages. First excuse me for this late answer but I have a lot of work in this end of year.

    To answer Orin, in my opinion I haven't any species we don't find in the United States. Here are species which I keep At the moment except forgetting of my part :

    - Archimandrita tesselata

    - Blaberus boliviensis

    - Blaberus craniifer "Black Wings"

    - Blaptica dubia

    - Elliptorhina javanica

    - Eublaberus distanti

    - Eublaberus posticus

    - Eublaberus sp Brazil

    - Gromphadorhina portentosa

    - Gyna lurida

    - Lucihormetica subcinta

    - Lucihormetica verrucosa

    - Oxyhaloa deusta

    - Phoetalia pallida

    - Pycnoscelus femapterus

    - Pycnoscelus striatus

    - Therea olegrandjeani

    - Therea petiveriana

    And soon I hope :

    - Aeluropoda insignis

    - Eurycotis decipiens

    - Lucihormetica grossei

    - Pycnoscelus nigra

    - Schultesia lampyridiformis



    Ps : Il n'y a pas de quoi pour le mp Andreas

  3. Hello,

    My name is Florent in the real life but I use one of my nicknames which is Parzo. Other important information I am French and forgive me in advance for my English.I breed cockroaches for several years as food and more recently as pets (maybe 3 years). At present I have approximately twenty species in breeding (A. tesselata, E. javanica, E. posticus, G. lurida, L. subcinta, O. deusta,P. fempterus,...). My collection does not stop increasing,it is necessary to believe that it's an addiction :D .

    Greetings from France !


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