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  1. https://www.sites.google.com/site/cockroachcare/gromphadorhina-portentosa-care
  2. Hello, I wanted to open a discussion on the subject. This kind of cockroaches really are bioluminescent? There are bacteria into the two yellow spots on pronotum? would not like to guess, but hypotheses verified with scientific data. regards I find on the web these: http://news.mongabay.com/2012/1114-rudolph-bioluminescent-roach.html
  3. just put cockroaches in a little heated's room. or keep them with the temperature's house.
  4. Awesome! You are really a zoo centre!!
  5. In Italy the best roaches protein source is Tetra Pond Sticks... Very very good for all kinds of roaches... from livefood to rhino roaches!
  6. Do not give water to cockroaches (and canned food) for a week or more. then put 2-3 pieces of orange or apple ... you wait half an hour ... and when all the cockroaches will be the fruit ... you move them.
  7. Wooow! Compliments! and.... welcome!
  8. Discovery very good!! It will also function with Periplaneta ssp. and Blatta orientalis?
  9. many thanks for your reply. I am a naturalist (my specialization is the entomology).... then all that is scientific, interest me! I would both the pdf files!!
  10. My dubias and lateralis eat: cereals apples banana cucumbers melon watermelon figs
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