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  1. Little history from Italy... I've always been fond of monsters. I was a child, monsters were my passion. I grew up ... and enrolled in natural sciences. and there I discovered the very monsters that exist on earth! arthropods. my thesis: "Exhibitions of living insects and arachnids for educational purposes" I now breed spiders and cockroaches. I had several copies ... the most beautiful: Princisia vanwaerebecki BIG; Blaberus giganteus, G.portentosa, Polyphaga obscura.... I pass on my passion also to my friends ... and even to kids. and children are also fascinated by cockroaches ... is a new world ... but full of wonder and novelty.
  2. Hello, I've got this rhino roach nymph... it's female.... right?
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a good book about the cockroaches.... biology, breeding, ethology.... I saw this: do you will recommend me? regards
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