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  1. Welcome. I was rock climbing in Utah collecting when I fell and broke my leg. That almost ended my desire to collect.
  2. I have to say that I like small forums (ie. this) better then the big forums for all of the above reasons.
  3. Sounds good. It's okay... I remember freaking out when this happened to my first hisser (about 5 years back--I only had one) He was molting to one of his last stages, and I did this. He actually started to harden up within a week and molted again. He lived 2 1/2 more years . You seem to really care about your critters, and I'm sure with all of your hard work and dedication things will pay off. Good luck.
  4. What molt is it in? I've seen this with several species, and if left untreated, it is almost always fatal. First get it in it's own container so he other ones don't bother it. Put a large (2" by 2") chunk of food under a hide. on the food. Put the roach under the hide. You'll need to remove food fairly often and replace it. Note: with this, about 30-60% live. Some other members might have a better way to do this, though.
  5. Very nice! Congrats, maybe he's accepting the hobby. Now keep him like that!
  6. +1 to all replies before me Lots of these "educational" channels are nor longer that, and are going downhill. I bet some people actually believe what they see on that, and are bug haters for life. Although we may find it funny and immature, some people might take it the wrong way. I hate how shows like that do that, especially if it is intended for young people.
  7. Yes, I suppose next time I'm up near there (for work), I'll look to collect some.
  8. I believe it was a result of a cross breeding... but who knows? Do you really think their hind limbs could become that distinct from a convergent adaptation?
  9. On another forum I'm on, we had a interesting "conversation" about that. (We also have some people that live nearby trying to get ahold of some.) The debate was if/when the hybrid was formed, how long ago it was vs. how many of each species mated. We never did find a answer, however it is clear that there was a hybrid and it was more on the roach side then the cricket side. Most likely, you would need to go way back when they were closely related. Who knows, there was a cross between Pallida and Lobster Roaches reported there! The babies are different looking then either species, can climb, breed more quickly then lobsters! He has yet to post pics, yet, so who knows? Anything can happen!
  10. They were my leos' favorite food until my colony died down (it was my fault, though).
  11. Roach Magic.... shhhhhh, you don't want to tell the world I have my theories
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