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  1. Hello, I´m very busy with the University (exams......) and I can´t read the forum as well. I had the same problem with B. craniifer: I buyed 1,000; I divided the in 5 colonies (200 each) and started to die as Zephyr described (many fruit flies.......). I´m studing Biology and I´m working in the Enthomolgy Departament of my faculty. I think there isn´t any fungus infectation or bacteria, maybe Nematodes. Now, I´m working on them and I´m analyzing my roaches with one of the "Nematode Doc. Teacher" (sorry, I don´t know how to write it). Next Monday I´ll have some results about the analysis. Best regards, Javier.
  2. Thanks Tom, I´ll try it again. Best regards, Javier.
  3. Welcome Tom, It´s nice, you´re from The Netherlands because I´m trying to study there for the next year (I´m from Spain and I´m studying Biology). Also, I would like to register in BCG (Blattodea Culture Group): I sent an e-mail some months ago but they never answered me (it was in summer), How did you do? Thanks! Best regards, Javier.
  4. Hello, Thanks Orin, I didn´t know this information about R. maderae "Gold" and B. craniifer "BW". Best regards, Javier.
  5. Hello, It´s a color morph, like B. craniifer "BW". Best regards, Javier.
  6. Thanks Maarten, How long did the oothecae to "have born"? Thanks! Best regards, Javier.
  7. Hello, That´s great Maarten! How did you keep the oothecae? Mines leave some of them and now I´m keeping the oothecae as adults. Am I doing it ok? Best regards, Javier
  8. Hello Carlos, wellcome to this forum! Where are you from? Best regards, Javier.
  9. Hello, Blaptica dubia Blaberus craniifer Blatta lateralis/Shelfordella tartara/Shelfordella lateralis Nauphoeta cinerea Best regards, Javier.
  10. Hello, There´s only one species of Oak, it´s Quercus rubur. There´re some other trees of Quercus genus, like Q. suber, Q. faginea, Q. ilex and Q. coccifera for example. Of course, this information is about Europe, but I think it´s ok for US. Best regards, Javier
  11. Hello, Thanks Orin, so I´ll put 500 B. craniifer in one cage and the other 500 roaches in another cage (both 24"x16"x16"). It´s now ok? Best regards, Javier.
  12. Hello, I´m going to buy 1,000 roaches and I buyed some plastic cages: 60x4x0x40 cm (24"x16"x16") with egg cartons, a little dish with some water and pot wiht dog food. I have another plastic cage (the same as first) to separate the newborns (I want them for food). Do you think the plastic cage that I buye it´s ok for 1,000 B. craniifer? Thank you very much guys! Best regards, Javier.
  13. Hello, I use lateralis and lobster roaches and my Damon diadema do well with them. Best regards, Javier.
  14. Hello, I only give them dried oak leaves and they do well. Best regards, Javier.
  15. Hello, Matt, the roach in the 3rd photo is great! It has "mixed colours": orange and yellow. Best regards, Javier.
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