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  1. Hey! I have the same problem! I have a B. giganteus colony, the females breed many babys a year ago and then, they died. The babyes grew up, but they´re smaller than B. giganteus and now, some weeks ago, I saw one of them with ("soft") black wings recently molted! I put it in another cage and I´m keeping it there. I´ll post some pics but now I´m with my University exams, sorry. Best regards, Javier.
  2. Great! I love living in Europe! . Are they hard to keep? Best regards, Javier
  3. Hello, It looks very similar to B. lateralis....... It isn´t B. orientalis because females has longer wings. Maybe a Parcoblatta sp.? Best regards, Javier.
  4. Hello Orin, Well, I observed all my females using the coco fiber and now, I have many E. opaca babies. I think coco fiber protect them from dry enviroment but I´m not sure, sorry. Best regards, Javier.
  5. Hello Orin, Females use coco fiber to protect their eggs. I´ll post pics with the eggs with coco fiber Best regards, Javier.
  6. ¡Hombre Paco Portela por aquí! Jejejeje, ya somos 3 españoles creo . Perhaps B. germanica. In Spain S. longipalpa it isn´t well established. Best regards, Javier. ¡Bienvenido Paco!
  7. Hello, I give them vitamins with the fruits and veggies, it´s easily for me. Best regards, Javier
  8. I've got 16 species or roaches, 0.1.1 D. variegatus (pregnant female ^^) , 0.1.6 P. imperator, 0.0.2 H. paucidens 0.0.2 A. seemani, 0.0.2 B. albopilosa, 0.0.1 C. fimbriatus and 0.0.1 A. gigas I would like to have over 50 species Best regards, Javier.
  9. There´s no problem with moltings Best regards, Javier.
  10. No, I keep egg cartons horizontaly, better for Blaberus. They´re "cleaner" than Blatta lateralis for example. Best regards, Javier.
  11. 1) All ninph of Genus Blaberus likes burrow but it isn´t necesary. I keep B. giganteus and B. craniifer "Black Wings" without substrate, only egg cartons. 2) I give them fruits and veggies and a water dish too for the humidity and they molt ok. 3) I use egg cartons for all my roaches (and I have 16 kind of roaches) and it´s ok. Best regards, Javier.
  12. No problem ;) . Genus Eurycotis . Best regards, Javier.
  13. I buyed an E. opaca colony one year ago. They were 3-4 cm (1inch and a half) long so I saw them growing. In September, they hatched to adults and they started breeding. They lay 10-15 oothecae and some of them gived birth. Now, I have many ninphs and I´m very happy about that. I keep them in a plastic cage with 1 inch and a half dry coco fiber (substrate) with some egg crates. I feed them with apples, oranges and dog food. I used to give them water with this: http://www.dixhigiene.com.br/catalogo/imag...ulverizador.jpg (sorry, I don´t know what is its name in English) three times a week and then, I only put water in this: http://www.codsc.com/plasticosgr/pajaros06.jpg (sorry again). I observed the females and they take some coco fiber to put it on the oothecae. I have a problem: the babies run into the coco fiber and I can´t control them. I think: can I put them in a plastic cage without substrate, only eggcrates, food, drink and a small cage with coco fiber for the females? Thank you very much!
  14. How long is the adult? P. lata sizes: Adult size: 14-19mm (3/5 to 4/5 inch) http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/Roaches/ If they are bigger, I think they can be Blatta lateralis (also Shelfordela tartara in Europe). Best regards, Javier.
  15. Thanks Zephyr, it´s a great information. Best regards, Javier.
  16. I compare your pics with my Rhino roaches and I´m 100% sure that yours is a female. Best regards, Javier.
  17. Also Nauphoeta cinerea. Which sp. of Periplaneta are partenogenetic Zephyr? Thank you! :-) Best regards, Javier.
  18. Hello, For keeping small collonies ( 100 more or less) keep them in 80 F and substrate: humid coco fiber. But I have a problem: can I keep 10,000 P. surinamensis without substrate? I mean: in big cages (5 cages: 2,000 roaches per cage) with many eggcrates and giving them dog food, veggies, fruit and water: is it ok? I think I´m going to buy them in summer so I want information before buying. Thank you very much! Best regards, Javier.
  19. They´re great! I love L. subcinta and D. paulinoi. Good luck breeding them! Best regards, Javier.
  20. Hello, Sorry, I´m studying for my University exams so I can´t log in in the forum Yes, I keep them in this cage. I put them some eggcrates to give them more hiding places. Best regards, Javier.
  21. BugmanPrice, I wrote it becouse I´ve studied it in Ecology (I´m studying Biology). No matter if you put them a lot of food: they will compete for it. Best regards, Javier.
  22. In Spain, we also call them "Curiana" Best regards, Javier.
  23. Congratulations both Gsc and EffeCi. Do you have photos of the eggcases and the new babies? Best regards, Javier.
  24. Hello, I think they´ll grow better Dubias with Dubias and Discoids with Discoids because they compete for the food. Best regards, Javier
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