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  1. Welcome! Wow, Aeropluda insignis, very beatiful roach! Best regards, Javier.
  2. Hey!! Thanks Bricktop!! . I´m from the South of Spain, exactly from Cádiz but I´m studing Biology in Sevilla. Best regards, Javier.
  3. Hi! I feed my roaches with this mix: Dog food Hens food Bread Flour Crushed wheat And for the water, I prefer give them apples, oranges and tomatoes. Is it ok? Thanks! Best regards, Javier.
  4. Hi! Well, I want to know if somebody knows how to differentiate this genus. It only have 3 sp., B. rothi, B. cabreari and B. fumigata. The most tipically is B. fumigata and it´s easy to check but I have problems with the other ones. Another question: does anybody have the 3 sp.? Best regards, Javier.
  5. Hey! The roach molting pic is so cute . Are you sure that they are B. fusca? It seems B. craniifer, the pronotum is different from B. fusca I think. Best regards, Javier.
  6. Wow, they seem Ergaula capucina with different colours. Best regards, Javier.
  7. Wow, so cute . What family is it? Best regards, Javier.
  8. Thanks for the welcome! . Best regards, Javier.
  9. Thanks! I´ll post pics of my other roaches next week . Best regards, Javier.
  10. Blaberus craniifer "black wings": Ergaula capucina (I thought that they was bigger ): Blattidae sp. "Sry Lanka": Another Blattidae sp. "Sry Lanka": Eurycotis opaca: Schultesia lamprydiformis (it's a little one too): I have 17 species, I'll take some photos from them and post them here. Best regards, Javier.
  11. Hi! I saw this forum from Arachnoboards in Orin signature. I love roaches, now I have 17 species of them to feed my scorpions and pets. I hope learn a lot about roaches in this forum . Best regards, Javier.
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